Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I haven't posted in a while I geuss we'll play catch up then real fast.
My secret pals package came in the mail. Loved it. It had red yarn from Knit pics, some froggie erasers for everyday of the week (super hot), an iron on patch that says Hottie (i used it to cover an ink stain on a bag I made). It was a great package and I thank you my secret pal for all the goodies.
I mailed my secret pals package that I thought had already gone out but hadn't. Sigh* Its frustrating when that happens.
I have been working on a bunch of stuff off and on. the jacket is coming along. I still have a ways to go. Hopefully I'll get it done for the summer time.
I went to my grand dad's for easter. Which was cool. Did some knitting up there in Snow Hill and alot of reading.
I started an embrodery peice thats coming along pretty good. I Like how easy and quick embroadery is.
Got some new pictures of my god baby. He's such a cutie. I'll post my favorites. He and his family are moving to Utah. It makes me sad that they are going to be so far away. I am gonna go out to Utah in the summer time to see some friends get married. So I geuss it won't be so bad.
I got some of the knittapolloza pictures from the fashion show. I'll post some of those.
Yup.... Uh not much else. School is going pretty decent. Works doing good and I go to MacRock on Saturday. YAY!


Anonymous said...

hey heidi,
so glad the patch came in handy! i know you like frogs so snatched up the erasers when i saw them. take care! secret pal

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